This cheese has been made  with whole raw ewe’s milk, following an ancient traditional method, using a veal and kid rennet.

Stagionato Affumicato has a maturing period of minimum 180 days. It is compact in texture and crumbly when cut.

It has a smoky aroma (it has been smoked with mediterranean scrub to give a special flavour).

The shape is original with rounded sides and dark grey in colour. The interior is white and the taste is very tangy and flavoursome. Weight 2,7/2,8 kg.

Available whole or portioned vacuum.

Ingredients: Ewe’s milk, milk enzymes, veal and kid rennet, salt.

Nutrition facts per 100g: Energy kJ 1843/kcal 440, Fat % 35,5, of which saturates 22,0, Carbohydrate 0,4, of whixh sugars 0,2, Protein 29,8, Salt 2,17

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